Some Salads in Autumn are worth it.

When I say ‘some’ salads that – it is said with the greatest of respect for the ones that don’t count. If you’re a predominant leaf lover reading this, then it’s a good time to perhaps hold your hands over your eyes and read the rest through your fingers because this might be a bit of a shock. There is life beyond the leaf and it’s called a warm salad. So if you like your salad to have “something in it” then hooray! We’ve found a friend in each other. Gone are the days of pushing green and purple things (radicchio and rocket) around and around looking for the “bits” that to actually eat. read more

Can you eat porridge for lunch too?

Remember the days when your parents made you porridge for breakfast, trickled with honey on top, some strawberries or slices of banana? Ah, those were the days. Breakfast is the only time that we think about eating porridge. Well, times are a changin’ in some cafes and coffee shops in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley where they are embracing breakfast and lunch as viable times to eat porridge.  

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Coffee Expo 2018

Opportunity to see what are in the industries across the country having most major players in the coffee industry all in one place.