Mini Sandwich Re-evolution.

The sandwich has been around almost as long as the wheel. I’m sure in the early stone age, the ladies created a great selection of banana wraps with some freshly caught fish and meat. Eating well is something that’s in our DNA. The Earl of Sandwich wasn’t the first person ever to put a firm outer encasing to a yummy filling.

There was the matzoh, rice paper, seaweed, tortilla, lettuce, vine leaf and loads more ways that have been invented. It’s pretty fair to say that we humans, like to handle our food quickly so we can eat as much as we can, in as little time possible!

We bring the mini back

So why did we want to reinvent the mini sandwich? Well, we don’t really. The team at Cafe Axxess situated in Glen Waverley in Melbourne wants to bring it back into style. Like the mini skirt. It was out and then it came back in. It’s all a matter of taste. And it all starts with our different kinds of bread options. We have mini baguettes, mini cobbs, mini wraps, mini focaccias, and we have given the humble bread, options like rye and wholemeal. When we think of a sandwich it can now be inspiring. Imagine having a lovely crusty bread that houses melt in your mouth fillings? That’s our idea of a mini and that’s what we do everyday.

Simple healthy food

We source only the freshest of ingredients so when we have a catering order to fulfil each day, we are keen and ready to go. We even grow fresh herbs and edible flowers on-site. Our mini’s are little savoury bundles of goodness. We have a love of savoury fillings that are good for you with a variety of roasted vegetables, salmon and the popular meat varieties like chicken and roast beef.

It’s okay to be mad about the mini again. It might just mean that your next tea party could take you right back to a time when everything was simple, and the sandwich was truly a centrepiece. Cafe Axxess has great mini’s ready for you here. Contact us here.

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