A better Catering Service in Mount Waverley. You’re welcome.

Cafe Axxess is not a new kid on the block. We’ve been around for some time. What we do have that’s just landed is a new catering menu and revamped catering service. We wanted to make our customer’s next catering experience easy and fun. Our new menu includes all the classics, new reinventions and some popular international flavours.

Go local for delivery.

Everyone talks about being ethical, but we walk that walk as well. Cafe Axxess encourage going local by offering local delivery. No need for organising a separate UberEats. Districts like Mount Waverley with businesses like Cafe Axxess are increasing bringing safe, secure catering delivered to your office or a local venue of choice.

When is the best time to order catering?

Catering can be for just about anything at any time. Birthdays, half birthdays, project ends, project starts (for added motivation), new starters, new leavers, maternity leave, sales targets, team planning and the list goes on. Our team have yet to find any team who doesn’t want to be rewarded with little mini baguettes filled with roast beef, salmon or vegetables. Book a platter for morning tea, afternoon tea, an evening soirée, or a relaxed lunch.

Food is the great uniter of people.

It might sound cheesy but when we cater to parties at Cafe Axxess, we remember what Henry Ford said which is: “coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success”. When your team want to celebrate a win, check the latest meme or get together to spill the tea, it’s time to order in. The occasion doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. The platters at Cafe Axxess can be made with modesty or can be completely OTT. Your team has its own personality. That’s why the new menu has been created, so you can match it to your team. We have posh swiss cobbs, traditional English muffins and down-to-earth-all-Australian egg and bacon rolls.


The team at Cafe Axxess want to create shared moments for you through our platters and food selections. We bring our freshly made mini’s to venues in Mount Waverley, Melbourne and its surrounds. Contact us here to order.

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