Pear walnut and cinnamon porridge Axxess Cafe Glen Waverley Melbourne

Can you eat porridge for lunch too?

Remember the days when your parents made you porridge for breakfast, trickled with honey on top, some strawberries or slices of banana? Ah, those were the days. Breakfast is the only time that we think about eating porridge.

Well, times are a changin’ in some cafes and coffee shops in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley where they are embracing breakfast and lunch as viable times to eat porridge.  The humble porridge has even been known as a savoury dish served on the same plate as bacon and eggs, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado. However, some of us might still be hesitant in embracing this level of porridge enthusiasm, and that makes sense. You don’t want to take your lunch adventure too far. Porridge is an excellent light snack option as well.

How do you handle those weird looks from people who walk past your desk, looking over your petition, checking your “lunch”, wondering what in the world is happening in your life to bring you to this life decision? Have no fear, my friends, there are massive benefits to eating porridge and the big hitters on that are:

  • Porridge provides excellent antioxidants only found in oats,
  • Increases your soluble fibre (beta glucan),
  • Lowers your cholesterol (if that’s an issue),
  • Assists with weight loss (by reducing the need to snack), and
  • Reduces stomach bloating.

If you want to enjoy these benefits and happen to be the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the team at Cafe Axxess, situated in the heart of the business district of Glen Waverley is bringing the porridge back. Welcome the cooler months with this simple yet delicious option for breakfast, light snack or even for lunch. Visit or contact Cafe Axxess here.

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