Calling all coeliacs

It’s not easy to find a restaurant or cafe that understands what it’s like to live with an internal issue such as coeliac.

It’s different from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) even though it might look the same from the outside. To live with coeliac means that your body reacts differently from everyone else when it comes into contact with gluten (which is found in heaps of things like breads, oats, barley and it’s even in the air that we breathe). For example when it comes to coeliac’s eating the wrong food, the villi that lines the bowel, gets inflamed and unhappy so it can’t take in all the good stuff. It feels very, very uncomfortable (which is a massive understatement). One in 70 Australian’s have coeliac. The interesting thing is that we know this is the case, and yet we don’t know what we can do to about it. So IBS is just a mask for people with coeliac. Other parts of the body can be inflammed (not just the stomach). It’s a condition that effects people for the rest of their lives and it can be a military exercise trying to find a place outside of their home to eat lunch or dinner. Luckily the team at Cafe Axxess have had friends with coeliac that can’t go out to restaurants, cafes or pick up a snag at a BBQ and we have learned through our customers how to cater for them so they can get on with enjoying themselves.


The team at Cafe Axxess are directly able to help people living with coeliac because:

1. We meticulously clean all of our knives, benches and any surfaces where food interacts.
2. We wear gloves when we handle food and don’t cross-contaminate one preparation with another.
3. Any pots and pans used to make food are cleaned down properly.
4. We make sure that we substitute ingredients such as wheat flour for friendly flours to make cakes, pasta, thickening sauces and dressings.

 For Coeliacs affected by Airborne Gluten

Cafe Axxess does not have a separate kitchen to contain or stop airborne gluten. Our kitchen is divided by benchtops for all of our food preparation. Chefs prepare food for coeliac requests in our shared kitchen. From our experience, most coeliac sufferers know their levels of intolerance and will be aware if they fall into the category of people who cannot consume food prepared in a shared kitchen. If you are unsure which category you fall into, or if you need more information about airborne gluten please contact Coeliac Australia

If you have any further questions about how we manage coeliac food orders, or if you would like us to use a specific substitute, please don’t hestitate to call or email us.


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