Let us introduce you to our cafe

Thanks for poking around and looking at our brand new website. You might not know this but we are in the process overhauling our in-store capabilities too.

Our team want to bring you a contemporary cafe that you can call your local, in the heart of Mount Waverley. It’s somewhere to go when you want to chill out and bring your mates for a relaxing time.

Cafe Axxess is headed up by Haris Sukandar where he will be managing the construction of a brand new renovation. This website is the tip of the iceberg my friend. In the soon-to-be renovated cafe layout, you’ll see what you would normally expect in an inner city venu – lots of atmosphere, beautiful design, great coffee but now it’s all here and you don’t even have to travel for hours to experience it. Whether you’re working in or around the Axxess business centre or you are a local from Mount Waverley itself, there’s plenty of parking and a fresh new menu that you can choose from.

You might have also noticed that we have launched a brand new Online Catering service. You can now order what you’d like us to make for your next work celebration (yay! we won that contract!), next birthday (21 again is it?), or any group event that you have in mind.

When we tried to think about what we wanted to do with Cafe Axxess we kept coming back to the same thing. Our customers. We are reinventing our business with you in mind.

Our chef and our preparation team have been carefully selected to prepare food that is scrumptious and can cater to different types of food requests.

We invite you to come instore or online to start experiencing all the changes that are happening at Cafe Axxess.

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